Women Chess Stars Women Chess Stars

The Women Chess Stars are Irina Krush, Elina Groberman, Laura Ross & Shirley Ben-Dak. In a special double-volume chess 1 dvd, four of America's young female chess stars present some of their best games from the 1997 FIDE World Youth Championships held in Cannes, France with the assistance of their coach - GM Ron Henley.

Irina In her debut instructional chess , the dynamic young chess talent Irina Krush analyzes some of her best games and super combinations from her young but rapidly ascending chess career. A chess master at the age of twelve, this vivacious and energetic young woman is blazing a trail for young American chessplayers everywhere. No aspiring junior chessplayer will want to be without this chess dvd! No junior chessplayer will want to be without this chess video which stars Irina Krush (1998 US Women's Chess Champion!), Elina Groberman (2000 US Women's Co-Champion), Laura Ross, and Shirley Ben-Dak! America's Chess Princesses have made a chess video that can be enjoyed by students of all ages.

American Chess Princess $ 19.95
Krushing Attacks Part 1 & 2 by Irina Krush $19.95
Both Volumes $34.95   327 minutes