For White,
Roman recommends the Queens Gambit and gives you lines that will dramatically cut your study time. He guides you through these responses:
* Queens Gambit Accepted & Declined
* Queens Indian Defense
* The Benko Gambit
* Slav Defense
* Albin Counter Gambit
* Nimzo-Indian Defense
* Kings Indian Defense
* Grunfled Defense
* Dutch Defense
* Knight C6 & Bishop F5 lines

For Black,
Roman recommends solid active lines. For lines against E4 Roman recommends d6, Nf6, and e5. With Roman's clear cut advice there is relatively little theory to remember. Against the Queens Gambit, Roman recommends the Nimzo-Indian Defense. Roman also gives you his best lines to meet The English, Tromposwki, and Knight f3. His lines are safe active positions to get you into a comfortable Middle Game.
Rapid & Complete Opening Repertoire for the Tournament Player for White & Black
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